The dynamic conditions in the functioning of financial markets characterized by frequent changes and upgrades require qualified staff with high level of knowledge both for local and global financial markets.

The ACI Education Program offers certification, with globally recognized certifications, which are synonymous with the quality of financial markets, which improve career opportunities and with certainty increase work performance.

The association is in close cooperation with regulatory bodies in many countries in order to ensure ACI education is in line with regulatory requirements and market standards.


ACI – Association of Financial Markets in its educational section covers specialized topics in the field of foreign exchange market, money market, repo transactions, risk management, etc, offering excellent preparation for taking the exams ACI Dealing Certificate, ACI Operations Certificate and ACI Diploma. Certificates are issued by ACI – the International Association of Financial Markets and are recognized internationally.

The exams are taken at the following exam centers:

* Economic Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia

Contact: Boris Trimchev (E:; T: 072-207-091, 3-244-045)

* Seavus Education Center

Contact: Larisa Mitikj (E:; T: 078-499-133)

For scheduling the exams (ACI Dealing Certificate, ACI Operations certificate and ACI Diploma) please use the following link at ACI FMA website:

ACI FMA Web Shop


ELAC– platform for e-learning and preparation of exams

ELAC is a gateway to the ACI association that provides continuous training and certification for the Code of Conduct on Financial Markets, whose training promotes the highest global standards of professionalism, competence and ethical behavior in financial markets.

ELAC provides employers and individuals working in financial markets with high-quality, continuous professional upgrading that fosters the highest standards of behavior and industry best practices.

ELAC assures financial institutions that employees understand their obligations and responsibilities in the work.


ACI Dealing Certificate

The ACI Dealing Certificate is part of a program that enables candidates to gain some knowledge to work in financial markets, to learn the basics of mathematics used in these markets, basic products (derivatives, forwards, futures, cash) .

The course is designed for the following groups:

– New employees in this sector, and junior dealers (experience 0-18 months)

– Middle Office employees

– Auditors and employees in the regulatory compliance services

Benefits of the exam:

– Increase the opportunities for professional prosperity of the candidate on a national and international level

– Understanding  and fulfillment of the regulatory requirements.

– Recognizing the global ethical code of conduct, which clearly outlines all the rights and obligations of each dealer on the basis of which it should be guided and acted upon in its operation

– Becoming part of the global community of ACI dealers


ACI Operation certificate

There is almost no transaction that can be performed without the presence of the back office service. Back office employees provide full support to dealers in the execution of transactions on financial markets, taking into account the timely direction of the cash flows as well as checking and providing the necessary documentation so that one can be finalized.

The certificate gives particular knowledge in the area of ​​support to the operations performed by the dealer team, and endeavors to assist in facilitating cooperation with supervisory bodies.

The exam helps the candidate to keep up with all the developments and changes affecting the work of the sector. With this, the candidates will find it easier to understand the whole process of operation both from front office and from back office activities.

The course is designed for the following groups:

– Employees in the Back office service with at least 2 years of working experience and for more experienced associates.

– Other departments to support the trading sector

– Internal and external audit

– Regulators for control and compliance with regulations

– Risk Management Department


ACI Diploma

ACI Diploma is a type of upgrade for those who already possess one of the Dealing or Operations Certificate certificates, and it is designed in order for candidates to gain complete theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of foreign exchange operations, money market, derivatives, and the links between the aforementioned markets.

Applicants are expected to possess solid knowledge in basic subject disciplines and have sound knowledge of financial mathematics before deciding to master the material needed to acquire the ACI Diploma.

The course is designed for the following groups:

– More experienced dealers in the forex market and money market

– Persons with many years of experience in the back office service



In addition to the recommendation that you have passed one of the Dealing or Operations exams, there is no obligation to pass one of the two exams so you can apply for taking the ACI Diploma.

The recommendation that you have passed one of the above mentioned examinations is in order to have no difficulty in mastering the material for the ACI Diploma.


During the test, the candidate will have to answer 107 questions within three hours.

The questions will be from the following areas:

– foreign exchange market

– money market

– derivatives

– market analyzes

– risk management


Download excel spreadsheet:

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