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author: Jane Nastoski

At the foreign domestic market even further the policy of the stable foreign exchange rates remain stable, in its movement range of EUR/MKD between 61, 47 and 61,72. According to those rates commercial banks can buy Euros with the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. In such frames banks are trading between themselves through market defines professional principals. Accordingly the average euro rate is shape according to the listing of the supporter banks that published such listings every working day on the electronic platforms created for inter banking trading. All remain currencies from the exchange rates of the NBRM fluctuate freely in relation to the Macedonian denar and its value depends from international foreign exchange market movements.
Among the participants are companies from the real sector, investments funds, licensed exchange offices, foreign banks, and private subjects. All these subjects are trading with domestic commercial banks that finally create demand – offer policy of the bank foreign currencies. Domestic commercial banks at the other side are trading among themselves through uninfected electronic platforms and on that pattern they can through the efficient and market way to match the deficit and surplus of the foreign currencies that emerge among them.

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Conference program and List of participants


List of participants of the 24th Annual Assembly of ACI Macedonia

Conference program ( download pdf document )

Friday, 31st of May, 2019

20.00 Welcome cocktail dinner (sponsored by Europoint)

Saturday, 01st June, 2019

10.00 24th Annual Assembly

o Opening Ceremony-Report of the President

o ACI-FMA message

o Monetary authorities of NBRNM Presentation

o “Financial Markets side view”, Borce Stamenkovski, Head of Treasury Department, Capital Banka

11.30 Coffee & cakes break

12.00 “Current investment opportunities-challenge”

Narrator: Snezana Popovska, CFTe, TTK Banka


o Dragan Ilkoski, Acting Head of Securities Services Department, Sparkasse Banka AD Skopje

o Goran Markovski, M.Sc. Chief executive officer at KB Publikum Invest

o Kosta Ivanovski, CFA, Head of Investment Department at Sava Pension Company

o Aleksandar Manev, M.B.A. Economic analyst, co-owner of www.faktor.mk

13.30 Refinitiv presentation

14.00 Assembly closing

15.00 Boat trip (sponsored by Asseco-see) and lunch at St.Naum (sponsored by Refinitiv ).

21.30 Return by Boat to Hotel

Sunday, 02nd of June, 2019

Free/ Leaving the Hotel

24th Annual Assembly of ACI Macedonia- Save the Date!

When:         May 31st- June 2nd, 2019

Where:        Hotel Belvedere, Ohrid


Provisional Programme:

Friday, 31st of May 2019:

Welcome cocktail and dinner by the Pool

Saturday, 01st June 2019:

10.00 – Saturday morning will be reserved for the official part including presentations by ACI Macedonia (annual reports, plans, achievements, etc.), by monetary authorities, followed by specialized and expert presentations

15.00 – Boat trip to St. Naum, Food & Beverages

16.30 – Brief visit to Monastery St. Naum, historical retrospective

17.30 – Lunch & Dinner at Restaurant “Ostrovo”, St. Naum

19.00 – Ohrid’s Lake pure natural springs sailing promenade

21.30 – Return by Boat to Hotel

Sunday, 02nd June 2019:

Free/Leaving the Hotel


Registration for the event:

Registrations are closed for this event

Note:  Fee for the event is EUR 150,00 and it is non- refundable . Hotel accommodation for single room per night- EUR 35,00; for double room per person per night- EUR 25,00. The Association does not provide transport to the event.

For further information, please contact:

Bojan Cvetanovski: Tel. +389 78 300 874 ; e-mail: b.cvetanovski@nlb.mk
Saso Radevski:       Tel.+389 2 3295 108;   e-mail: Saso.Radevski@stb.com.mk
Vesna Trajkovska    Tel: +389 23 247 415;  e-mail: vesna.trajkovska@kb.com.mk


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