Coffee with ACI friends

Dear Colleagues, ACI Friends,

ACI Macedonia – Association of Financial Markets is honored to invite you on coffee meeting in the coffee shop ‘’VINIL’’. Coffee shop is situated on the boulevard, ‘’Partizanski Odredi’’ No.14 oppose with the church ‘’Soborna Crkva’’ in Thursday 08.11.2018 with the beginning in 17.00 o clock.

You are welcome to spent time together and exchange experiences, thoughts over actual professional topics.

It will be our pleasure to see you there.

Perpetual bond

Author: Elena Kuzmanovska

On 20th September, 2018 Securities and Exchange Commission in Macedonia Banking Association presented new instrument in the capital market – perpetual bonds.

Тhe Commission recognized perpetual bonds as securities during June, 2018. Perpetual bonds do not have maturity date, therefore they are perpetual i.e “eternal”. These financial instruments can be included in Additional Tier I capital according to Decision on amending the Decision on the methodology for determining the capital adequacy (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 218/16).

In financial world, when talking about perpetual bonds, we consider financial instrument between bond and equity. On one hand, perpetual bonds do not have maturity date (perpetual) i.e they have no maturing principal that should be paid on some fixed date in the future, characteristic in which they resemble to equity. On the other hand, holder of the bond receives the income in form of coupons, in regular monthly instalments in fixed amount and do not have voting rights, characteristics in which they resemble to bonds.

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ACI Macedonia – New Visual Identity

ACI Macedonia introduces a redesigned website.

Here you can find all current information linked with the banking sector, as well all the questions connected with education and training. On our website you might find very useful information that could be exchanged publicly with the site members.

Enjoy and be informed.

ACI ELAC Boot Camp – Europe edition

Author: Nenad Jovceski

In the organization of ACIFMA on 20th and 21st September 2018 there was organized work shop on which participants have opportunities to learn how to use ACI ELAC portal and how to promote it on the local markets. Participants were representatives for education from 10 national associations, among which the representative of ACI Belgium, Marc De Bosscher was. At the same time he is the president of the ACI Europe. Work shop was held in the offices BPW (best practice world), the company partner of ACIFMA that also prepares ACI ELAC portal.

What is ELAC (E – learning, Attestation and Certification Portal)?

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