ACI Board of Education Questionnare

Dear Council Members and Education Officers,

 The Certification ACI offers should create added value for its members and the profession as a whole.

It is this simple idea that has led the ACI Board of Education to develop a series of questionnaires to assess what education programs its members need and what they, as well as various stakeholders, consider essential. Based on the collected information the Board will analyse its existing offerings and adapt or design new ones as necessary.

For the member survey the Board depends on your support. The survey is web-based, interactive, and it takes approximately 15 minutes to complete all the questions. The respondent must choose an answer before he/she can proceed to the next question. Certain answers may trigger open answer boxes asking for further information. It is accessible through the ACI International Web Page ( or through the direct link to this survey

The Board of Education would like to ask you to forward the link to the survey to all of your members and once again emphasize the importance of their feedback.

 We would like to remind you of the promises most of you have pledged during our last Council meeting in Manila to help the BoE under its new leadership. This is your chance to translate your promises into acts. The high level of responses to the survey would be of great help in tracing a highly professional and a well defined educational strategy in the near future.

 … and beyond the altruistic motives, the National Association with the highest percentage of members participating in the survey will win one free ticket to the upcoming ACI World Congress in Montréal 2007 Generously offered by  (FMAC), the Financial Markets Association of Canada.

Thank you very much for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Godfried De Vidts                                               Saad Jamaluddin
President ACI                                                     Chair ACI Board of Education