ACI ELAC Boot Camp – Europe edition

Author: Nenad Jovceski

In the organization of ACIFMA on 20th and 21st September 2018 there was organized work shop on which participants have opportunities to learn how to use ACI ELAC portal and how to promote it on the local markets. Participants were representatives for education from 10 national associations, among which the representative of ACI Belgium, Marc De Bosscher was. At the same time he is the president of the ACI Europe. Work shop was held in the offices BPW (best practice world), the company partner of ACIFMA that also prepares ACI ELAC portal.

What is ELAC (E – learning, Attestation and Certification Portal)?

ELAC is web – based and e – learning portal, an effective tool that enables to all employees’ perpetual training and codex for certification of the ethical behavior that is applicable on the financial markets as the following: FX Global Code, Global Precious Metals Code and United Kingdom Money. More and more large requirements for coordination of the compliances and further development of the global financial market lead to the necessary continuum in employees’ education and all that with purposes to be up – to date with innovations, standards and good practice in industry.

On the work shop a SWOT analysis was conducted. Analysis was made over the existing version with giving suggestions for future improvement, as well and National ELAC plan with every local sales market, penetration and implementation on ACI ELAC portal.

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