Where are the new business opportunities- magazine Economy and Business


author: Snezhana Popovska

Recently I was attending an event where it was discussed for the new investment opportunities and challenges.  We were all agreed that now it is the “Millennials” era and that we should set our focus on hi – tech companies. But, that what we didn’t mentioned, and I would like to share with you, because there are equal important are so called “green companies”. Why exactly them?

The first factor that globally concerns people is the global warming and climate changes caused by the emission of the carbon dioxide and so called greenhouse gases (sometimes abbreviated GHG) in the atmosphere. As result of the increased presence of these gasses, the global atmosphere temperature rise and has numerous negative effects and irreparable damages in the environment. According to the World Meteorological Organization of the United Nations (UN) projections for the rise of the global temperature are from 3 to 5 Celsius degrees and it overcomes the global target for limitation of the temperature rise of no more than 2 Celsius degrees.

The consequences of the global warming are: increasing temperature, ice melting at the polar sides on the Earth, weather disasters, floods, increased events of droughts and fires. All above enumerated events has huge impact over people health and cause extinction of many animal species. The public become more aware for this problem. Global warming is more and more important topic among world governments and many companies are striving to become more ecologically conscious or “green” companies.

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Coffee with ACI friends- July edition


Dear Colleagues, ACI Friends,

ACI Macedonia – Association of Financial Markets is honored to invite you on coffee meeting in the coffee shop ‘’VINIL’’. Coffee shop is situated on the boulevard, ‘’Partizanski Odredi’’ No.14 oppose with the church ‘’Soborna Crkva’’ on Tuesday 30.07.2019, beginning in 17.00 o clock.

You are welcome to spent time together and exchange experiences, thoughts over actual professional topics.

It will be our pleasure to see you there.

FX market – current domestic and international movements- magazine Economy and Business


author: Jane Nastoski

At the foreign domestic market even further the policy of the stable foreign exchange rates remain stable, in its movement range of EUR/MKD between 61, 47 and 61,72. According to those rates commercial banks can buy Euros with the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. In such frames banks are trading between themselves through market defines professional principals. Accordingly the average euro rate is shape according to the listing of the supporter banks that published such listings every working day on the electronic platforms created for inter banking trading. All remain currencies from the exchange rates of the NBRM fluctuate freely in relation to the Macedonian denar and its value depends from international foreign exchange market movements.
Among the participants are companies from the real sector, investments funds, licensed exchange offices, foreign banks, and private subjects. All these subjects are trading with domestic commercial banks that finally create demand – offer policy of the bank foreign currencies. Domestic commercial banks at the other side are trading among themselves through uninfected electronic platforms and on that pattern they can through the efficient and market way to match the deficit and surplus of the foreign currencies that emerge among them.

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